Mission Statement: “Doing cabling the right way”.

Here at Cable Right, we make every effort to provide efficient and proficient services. We strive for client satisfaction and are passionate about delivering quality services. We aim to build honest, professional and profitable relationships with both Clients as well as Suppliers. We focus on the affordability and presentation of services so that the paramount end result is obtained according to the specific needs of the Client.

Business Overview:

Cable Right is a new company which was launched in March 2009 by Dirk Visser, who saw the opportunity to fill a gap in the market by creating a company who truly cares and values quality and efficient service with an impressive response time. The Cabling and telecommunications market is in great demand for a company with his proficiency and capability.

Long and short term objectives:

Our short term objective is to provide total office solutions according to the demands of the market and supply them with a swift approach, with the end result being a satisfied customer. We also would like to make way for the expansion and growth of the company for the possibility of opening more branches, by working on sites outside our conurbation.

Our long term objective is that we would like to be a leader in our line of business and make a national footprint. We would like to become an environmentally friendly company and be accredited by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO).

We have a BEE status of a Level Four Contributor and are still working on it.